Beauty & love

A woman with beauty is so beautiful
A woman beauty is not her outside looks
A woman beauty comes from the inside that’s beautiful!
Love a woman who can love back
Love a woman who can treat you right like that
Love a woman who will never leave your side but only would have your back!



I love a woman with ambition
I love a woman who’s about her money & handle her own business
I love a woman who’s dedicated & only knows she’ll make it
I truly love this woman , only she put her heart into her work
I love a woman , when she show me her great work

Loving you

Loving you is the best I ever had
Loving you I hope are love will forever last
Loving you makes my heart feel appreciative & glad
Loving you is something new I like I never had
Loving you is the best, happy I’ve moved forward from the past
Loving you is a proud thing
Loving you like your my queen
Loving you loving you is a perfect thing

My life

My life grow up in the ghetto
My life slept on hard floors with no pillow
My life raised with no father figure
My life just so small , but the world is bigger
My life had no money
My life scrap up crums , to feel my tummy
My life trying to be motivated
My life is hard when i try to be dedicated
My life only me in it
My life only god can judge me , cause im living it
My life I have no doubts
My life is crazy I just want to shout
Its my life im live it with her or without.
My life.


I feel so empty
So empty my mind is clear
So empty I feel no fear
So empty when the angles cry my name noise I can’t here
So empty my mind is out of control I can’t steer
So empty I rather walk the streets & drink beer
So empty i need god in my life , so i share a tear
so empty who got my back who’s really here
So empty as I feel its no love
So empty waiting on only true love
So empty all alone with no one to hold & hug
So empty if one kiss change everything, wish it could
So empty my heart is hard as wood
So Empty my life is pain
So empty I wish everything can change
So empty understand life isn’t a game
So empty that she never came
Why so empty

Whatch ova me

I need the lord eyes to watch over me , I need the lords hands to touch on me , I need lords hand book to guide me , I need lords holy spirit to lift me , O lord threw this hard journey, please be with me , o lord as I walk threw the dark streets , let peace be with me , o lord show me the path , as I adventure with the holey strength you giving me , o lord you know my struggles & the pain is me , o lord you are a great healer , so this years you have been with me , o lord you protected me in ways I couldn’t see , ain’t no maby, so my people lets prey & Neal with me, o lord Iam living life too praise Christ , but living life is hard , when I want to do right, o lord so much confusions , lies , & fights , wondering if iam ever gonna make it threw these hard nights ,


Your my sweet my love of my life , aye person who I need , your my sweet every kiss you give to me , my heart beats , your my sweet, I just want you to love & hold me , till we both fall asleep, your my sweet, love the way you keep it real & be honest with me , your my sweet as a man I’ll bow down on one nee & the rest you’ll see your my sweet, I promise to keep my promises in my heart , between you & me your my sweet , I can’t live without my candy on the side of me , your my sweet