Whatch ova me

I need the lord eyes to watch over me , I need the lords hands to touch on me , I need lords hand book to guide me , I need lords holy spirit to lift me , O lord threw this hard journey, please be with me , o lord as I walk threw the dark streets , let peace be with me , o lord show me the path , as I adventure with the holey strength you giving me , o lord you know my struggles & the pain is me , o lord you are a great healer , so this years you have been with me , o lord you protected me in ways I couldn’t see , ain’t no maby, so my people lets prey & Neal with me, o lord Iam living life too praise Christ , but living life is hard , when I want to do right, o lord so much confusions , lies , & fights , wondering if iam ever gonna make it threw these hard nights ,


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