Life is what you make it , life can bring happiness life can bring sadness , also life can show alot of madness, I only ask this how can you handle life, I don’t know but life makes me think twice , why I should live & why I should die , in every day of life we humans try, to over think the wise, when clearly god sent scriptures , in the bible it lies , so enjoy ever bite of life, we never no when its our end of the night, & when that day come , I hope to rise towards the light , that’s life.


Real dreams

Dreams I wish they can come true, I always dream about you , the love of my life, a beautiful person I dream about every night , I wish this dream was real , although this a dream , but a dream can reveal, its true meaning to real life, hope to see my dream nights come too real life, dreaming brings me meaning , to understand she’s with me, our love is close like butter on toast , our hearts rush with flaming love , I’ll hold you till we see the moon light above & in this real dream forever will cherish our love

Rainy Days

Outside in the cold on this rainy day , no hope , no food , I wish the rich can feel my pain , only if I listen to my parents & the preacher maby I would of live better days , on these rainy days I want to cry I always prey & reach my arms out to the sky & ask god why!, in this world I get confused I hate & love life , me doing wrong , no I refuse, this world so crazy I just stay calm , & not blow a fuse , we was all tough right from wrong, all my brother & sister can work on getting along , because no one wants to stand alone,

Smile ova BS

I know the whole word is corrupt, but smile & be happy that your life ain’t up, so iam keep it G, I hate to see , a mad black women so smile for me , as a young child I was wild didn’t think before I doo , but now I grew up with style an think before I do, so just smile

I know life is wild my young child but love life, & smile

Happy birthday Martin Luther king, thanks for saving me I don’t know how them times where , but this times crazy to me , I can’t understand how we can survive with no OG , as a kid I wish aye father figure, was there for me , only close ones I can trust is , god & only me , I can’t see no brighter days , as time pass hopefully the corruption will fade


If I dig real deep will you see the love in me , when your body aches let my rub your back & feet I don’t think you understand me , so I’m tell you directly , iam grab your body gently & tell you , baby kiss me your my everything & that’s never gonna change my love for you will remain the same .

“what’s love”

Love is love but what is love, love is love something that will build & our hearts is full of , love is love it’s loyalty & truth I promise I’ll stick with you. Love is love iam always thinking about you , love is love I will never lie or cheat on you , love is love when I have food I’ll break bread & share with you , love is love your my everything boo , love is love I swear I feel like Iam in love with you!<3

Gods Love

Gods love, we take for granted for the things he did for us gods love , nobody will love us much as god will, gods love he gave us strength & willpower to fight threw battles & hard times , gods love ,no other god can be like mines, gods love, he gave us a deal , he died for our sins now we should appreciate & doo his will , gods loves we all are born in sin , where not prefect so we all should always neal down & ask for his forgiveness, gods love, he has a forgiving & caring heart , we can always call on him , doesn’t matter if its morning or dark , gods love, he kept us safe threw all the bad & good , thank god aman