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Love is not tight , if two people can’t get right, love is equal to kind and nice, my baby I lovve her, she shine so bright, love is ketp real, from the high, like the hills, if you hate me or not, thats my baby still

a state of balance

Freddie Gibbs is about as real as you can get. Mans got a set of principals he lives by (http://noisey.vice.com/blog/a-reasonable-measured-conversation-with-freddie-gibbs-in-which-he-says-fuck-fourteen-times) he’s straight up gangsta. There’s no other explanation. After killing back at the end of 2011 with the Thuggin’ EP produced by the one and only Madlib, Freddie went and dropped a heft mixtape; Baby Faced Killa. BFK. DRAMATIC. It’s pretty incredible, check it out. I’m gonna put it in a slight subcategory for 2012, my top 5 mixtapes.

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My mother

The one I love the most,  number 1 gave me birth,  (my mother)  Who ketp me close, an never let go, (my mother) 

When pain hit my heart, going threw these struggles, thinking I was smart, moma always had my back, but i never been a mark, alot of stuff seem distance , but not really far, I finally grew up and learn this on my on, moma said no matter what, you gotta stay strong, threw these street lights, she say ppl who smile in face, you can’t always like ,

Every day feel

Day by day I chill and think, how can you hurt a person like me, a person who done alot, but the truth will set you free, you say you behonest, but not to only me, trust will come together, so are hearts shell meet, hopefully you can become my main squeezes, only if you let me, speak the things I think,


Every night i struggle, trying to put the pieces to the puzzle, feeling kinda weak but god is my only muscle, somedays I cant sleep, to much violence, so trun down the heat,  maby one day, all people can join in piece, sometimes we all gotta be bold, and believe in god , hes our strong hold, people that you love, never let that go, cause a cold heart ,can hurt like a frozen stone, A something that may, shatter on its own. A dream could come true, only if you trust and believe in you, some I shoulda did,  but I never new , it could be that real, so I say how I feel, and now its time to close the deal, if u ever need help, blow down and Neal, an prey to god , he will heal.

Food Observations

Chile relleno and (mediocre) tamale at Casa Reveles in Ramona tonight. The relleno was just average as far as they go. I’ve had better. I’ve had worse. This was a standard eggy batter, filled with some white cheese and topped with a traditional pepper & onion sauce. This place is probably Ramona’s only sit down Mexican restaurant. The only other one (Mariscos mar de Cortez) is more of a taco shop disguised as a sit down restaurant. Sometimes I would rather just go down the hill to a nice Mexican restaurant in Santee or El Cajon.


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